Thursday, 21 February 2013

Final Assignment: Research plan

Final assignment for everybody, individual task: draft a research plan. Minimum 3 pages.

You can either:
1. use this as an occasion to draft a plan for your MA thesis project.
2. use some other project of yours and expand that into a research project.
3. use the Puuvilla case, and the materials and ideas presented during the course, and draft a research plan for a hypothetical project. 

Deadline for the assignment:
a. those who participate in CBM seminar: we will discuss your plan either in the seminar 5.3. or 9.4. Thus for those who can have their plan ready sooner, send it to me by 4.3. latest. For the others deadline is 15.3.
b. for those who do not participate in the CBM seminar, deadline is also 15.3. - I will send you written comments or we can agree a meeting.

Use either these guidelines for MA thesis plan:

1) The thesis title, student’s name, department, (not necessary:presentation date and thesis seminar instructor, as well as the student’s own proposal for the thesis supervisor(s)).
2) The thesis assignment, research question and possible contributing questions specified for the thesis.
3) Starting points and background for the thesis. Perspective, connection to a broader whole and previous research, as well as possible personal criteria for selection of the subject.
4) Methodical selections for the thesis, i.e. what means will be used to answer the questions posed, how the student plans to collect materials, definition of the subject and analysis.
5) Selections concerning thesis reporting, i.e. how the student plans to explain the research process and its results. ETA: in case you plan a production part for your thesis, think about documentation, and about the relation of the written and the production parts.
6) Planned schedule for completing the thesis.
7) Plan for the handling of possible confidential information in the completion and presentation of the thesis.
8) Copyright and other immaterial rights issues possibly applicable to the thesis. 

Or the DA application guidelines (see the link for full instructions)

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