Friday, 15 February 2013

Artistic Research

If you like, please read the resume on artistic research from the 2011 course.

Here some literature and links:

Kirkkopelto, Esa (2008) New Start: Artistic Research in Finnish Theatre Academy in Nordic Theatre Studies. The Artist as Researcher.

guide to sc "practice-based research" by Linda Candy of University of Technology of Sydney.

The functions of the written text in practice-based PhD submissions  by Katie MacLeod - who has also written a book on the subject.

Mika Hannula, Juha Suoranta & Tere Vaden, Artistic Research. Theories, Methods, Practices. Gothenburg University/ArtMonitor & University of Fine Arts, Helsinki, 2005.

Basics of Artistic Reserch by Juha Varto. University of Art and Design Helsinki B94. Gummerus 2009.

Borgdorff, Henk. (2006) The debate on researchin the arts

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