Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Assignment 1.: Texts and Concepts


Heta, Opri and Corey
Juste, Neea and Gerardo
Mette, Sari and Teie

Assignment 1. Texts and Concepts.

Everybody in the team reads
- Henna's article, for basic view on Puuvilla and the topic of supermarkets and public space.
- Stephen Ho's thesis on Shopping Mall as Privately Owned Public Space.

Optional: read or scroll Margaret Kohn's book on privatization of public space and supermarkets.

In the texts, identify at least one concept - or conceptual set-up - which you think would apply to the Puuvilla supermarket construction -case.

Please me also notes, and describe the concept; and how you find it could be applied to Puuvilla -case; and why. Half a page is enough.

Tuesday 29.1. we will begin with your notes, and then go on to ethnographic research and design research.

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